bap urban korean food
restaurant coréen à Genève
bap urban korean food in Geneva

Located in the center of Geneva, "bap" is a Korean restaurant with several seating areas on two floors and outdoor seating on the street of Coutance. "bap" means "cooked rice" in Korean and it naturally has the meaning of "food" in general. It is also used to symbolize life itself.  "Have you had bap yet?" is sometimes used as a greeting in Korea. "bap" is managed by Mija who previously was running Asadal in Geneva.  The menu features the much appreciated bulgogi (Korean barbecue), the shabu-shabu (sort of Chinese fondue from Japan, a delicacy in Korea too), bibimbap (rice bowl with a colourful cover of vegetables and, if desired, beef or other meat) and chapchae (sweet potato noodles). Kalbi (spare ribs) is also among the popular dishes which can be eaten comfortably sitting in the refreshing decor designed especially for "bap". Most dishes can be taken away too.


delivery service
The Hop Delivery service allows you to order a selection of bap dishes and have them delivered.


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